NorvalsPont Concentration Camp

On my last visit to Gariep Dam I decided to go have a look at the Concentration Camp Memorial.. It was very quiet out there in the middle of nowhere, and I’m sure one’s mind can start to muck around with you when you are out there by yourself. The list of children under 15 who died there is an eye opener.
A complete list can be found over here:

One can also read more about the war, the camps and the treatment of South Africans here:



~ by Nicolas Fotografi on 17, August 2011.

One Response to “NorvalsPont Concentration Camp”

  1. Hi Nicolas, Thanks for the excellent photographs. It takes me back to the days I visited the campsite frequently to do research for my book NORVALSPONT KONSENTRASIEKAMP: KAMP VAN SMARTE. (Camp of shame)
    It is for dsale at the moment and gives an indepth look on the unscarded terrain and the artifacts.
    Johan de Beer

    Best regards
    Johan de Beer

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